Travel size Perfumes - Long Lasting - Parfums format Voyage - Eau de Parfum - Longue durée

Spectra 17 - 2 N 2 Sexy - Kit of 3 units


Eau de Parfum Spray - Kit of 3 units

Pocket size - Travel size Perfume - 18ml (0.6oz)

Natural mist vaporizer

2 N' 2 Sexy inspired by Carolina Herrera - 212 Sexy

Puig Brands is the owner of the trademarks; Paco Rubbane, Carolina Herrera and Jean-Paul Guathier. Puig Brands does not sponsor or endorse Spectra Perfumes products. Trademarks names owned by Puig Brands are solely mentioned in a comparing purpose.

Oriental / Fougere